Out of context Joffrey- What a great guy!!







thanks joffrey

What a great message. I wish all characters were this nice. Does anyone know what this is from?

this is still hilarious. I’ll reblog it twice in a day.

Out of context motivational Joffrey

Is “out of context motivational Joffrey” a thing? I hope it’s a thing.

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Haiku about The Morning After

I feel like screaming
Why’s life a soap opera?
Can I please just sleep?

Haiku to People You Don’t Want in Your Life

Do not call me, do
Not text me, Do not beep me.
You are dead to me.

Sorry, I was busy fucking someone else because I’m devoted to you — ediamondinthesky, doing a flawless impersonation of my emotionally-abusive ex
Why can’t you just stop having so many “friends” and “family members” and “standards” and “feelings” and shut up and accept that I treat you poorly because I love you and am tortured? Also you’re a slut. Please have sex with me <3 — ediamondinthesky, doing a flawless impersonation of my emotionally-abusive ex.

Haiku about My Inability to Continue Deceiving Myself about Your Behavior

What is wrong with you?
No, seriously, tell me.
You don’t know? Please leave.

Haiku about How the Results of Your Actions are What Ultimately Matters

You’re not a good guy.
Look at what you’ve said and done.
Intent means nothing.

Haiku about Taking Drastic Action

Take a big, deep breath.
Everything is a-okay.
Push the red button.

Haiku about Realizing He’s the Fucking Problem

He said about her
What he has said about me.
He didn’t realize…

Haiku about The Feeling Helplessness You Get When Your Emotionally Abusive Ex Tries to Suck You Back Into the Void

Blocked him on facebook
Blocked his number on my phone
I’m still terrified.

Haiku about Men

Leopards don’t change their
spots, nor tigers change their stripes,
That man’s an asshole.






My friend just texted me to tell me she just got out of a speeding ticket by flirting and sticking out her chest. She was doing 57 in a 35 and the officer left her off with a warning. She told me who the officer was and it was the same one that…

Yes, let’s.
Let’s talk about how you think it’s unacceptable that we want the CHOICE to express our OWN motherfucking sexuality on our OWN motherfucking terms instead of having that choice taken away and having sexual interactions FORCED upon us at YOUR fucking whim.

How dare we want to pick and choose how to be sexual with our own fucking bodies. Silly women, that’s for men to decide, not for you.

Augh. Like, seriously, you can’t actually understand how shitty it is that you think it’s bad that we want the right to make that choice for ourselves? Gross gross gross. 

Apparently that choice is to use your breasts to get out of speeding tickets…because that’s respect for your body alright. Well maybe it is, so good for you go for it. 

But do you see how shitty that is to say to someone. “Don’t look at me sexually how fucking dare you! But I’m going to use my body to get myself out of trouble…don’t look at me you sick pervert!” 

PS: You are not being ‘sexual’ with your own body when you use it to get out of fucking speeding tickets. You’re being a shitty, irresponsible person, and so is that cop.  

She did not use her body to get out of trouble, because it was not her choice for the officer to not give her a ticket. It was 100% the officer’s choice. She had no power to force the officer to let her go. You’re seriously using that officer’s actions as an argument against feminism?

I had basically the same experience as the female friend in the original post — I got pulled over for going 52 in a 35 zone, and I was let off with a written warning — but I can also attest that I didn’t *do* anything special.
I was cooperative and polite, but I didn’t flirt, stick out my chest, change my voice, or do any other thing to make myself more appealing to this cop.

If you want to argue that if I had been male, I would have gotten a ticket, I can’t say whether or not that’s true.
I don’t know what the determining factor was in getting out of a ticket. Was it that I’m a girl? Was it that I’m conventionally attractive? Was it that I was cooperative? Was it that I adequately conveyed that I was sober? Was that I conveyed that I was a responsible person who, on this occasion, was going slightly faster than I realized? I don’t know. 

But at the end of the day, I didn’t ask to be let off with a warning. I didn’t ask for anything, and I’m not responsible for others’ actions.
If that officer let me off easy just because I’m an attractive young woman, it’s not because I’m a bad feminist, or a bad person, or any other thing: it’s because he’s a bad cop. End of story.

That awkward moment when your dad walks in on the last 10 minutes of the new episode of Game of Thrones, having never seen Game of Thrones before, and asks, “Who’s the dwarf? Who’s the blonde kid? Why is the red-haired girl upset?” and fully expects to understand what’s going on…

If you judge Cersei for using body as a political tool, but don’t give a shit that her father/husband/society use her body as a political tool, you should probably reconsider.